Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Week #83 Letter & Pictures

What's going on everyone? 

This week was a lot of service in the beginning of the week/middle of the week. All due to the storm that came in Monday night and ended Tuesday night. We got 8in of snow but the top 2in turned to ice instantly so our service on Wed was ice shoveling. We got our work out for the week in a single day but it was great to see so many people grateful for our service and to see the joy it brought them. 

Here's how the week went down:

"Hey, we were just talking about you. All good things, all good things." Preparation day! And it was a preparation day. We heard there is going to be a big snow storm tonight so we were preparing for it today. We got laundry done and sent off some emails at the church before we went to lunch at the mall and went shopping for a few things. Then spent the afternoon at the Spanish chapel as they have a full court for basketball. We played basketball for a bit and then played volleyball. It was really fun too as we had the entire district there playing. After preparation day ended, we went and looked up the two referrals we got today. The first one was home and got our number and contact info but he was just leaving. So he said he will give us a call soon. The second we couldn't find the home for a long time. Finally found it, we think. We weren't even sure if the house we found was the right one but it was the closest one to the address we were given. But no one answered so we don't know if it was the right home or not. Then we finished with look ups as it was freezing cold. 
"It's, snow?" Yes it is snow and a lot of it here in NYC. We woke up to a winter wonderland and couldn't do much. No one was outside and no point to shovel yet as it was still coming down hard. So we did a lot around the house like clean up and do a lot of district leader things like transfer goals, planning, and more goals. Went out around dinner time as that's when it stopped snowing and started walking around our home to talk to people when we got a call that people needed help shoveling. NYC recruits the missionaries when people need help shoveling so we got a list of names and were asked to contact all of them and say when we could come by either tonight or tomorrow. We also have to have waivers for them to sign. Silly, I know. But whatever. So we went to dig out our car and it ended up taking the entire night and getting us both soaked to the bone in slush. Yuck and brrrrr. We called everyone and only a few of them need our help still and they said tomorrow would be ok. 
"How may I serve you, my master?" We woke up and went to work. Skip studies, skip breakfast, as usual and went to work. First house was not too bad. Everything did freez over so there was like a 2 in ice layer on top but we just had to dig a path through to the road for a person in a wheelchair to get to her taxi. Took 45 min in total. Then we went to our next one and we had to dig the drive way out for this elderly woman and that took an hour and a half with the ice and getting through all the pile ups from the road. Then the neighbor next door asked if we could help as he is also disabled and we agreed to help him. We dug out a path for his car to get out and cleared up the road in front of his house so he could get it as well. Every single person offered us money and we denied it. And then they wanted to buy us lunch. We agreed to that but then they left us with money and wouldn't take it back... not what we were thinking. So we did get lunch at Chipotle and then went to the church to finish off the waivers and send them off. Tried visiting one more person that didn't answer our calls and tried to see if they needed help but everything was shoveled already so they were good. Went home and cleaned up, ate dinner and went to do look ups at night. No success sadly as no one answered. Oh well, we got a great work out in today as we had ice blocks ranging from 5-55lbs. Some were as big as my torso and head but double the width. 
"We got to sink the Bismarck cause the world depends on us." Back to normal. We got up and did our studies and went to see brother Mariano who is a dog lover. All he talks about is his dogs but I was able to get to know him and then we had to go to district meeting. We had to postpone it 2 days because of the storm. Then we went to a lesson we had scheduled but the guy wasn't home. So we ate lunch at Flaming Grill, yes there is one here too just like in Lynbrook, and then did some things online at the church. Went to visit Howard, our most progressing investigator, but not quite progressing. Still needs to come to church but he wasn't home either. Ate a quick dinner and went knocking. Gave out 2 Book of Mormons and got to teach them a little bit. No exact return appointment but they are willing to have us come by. One lost a family member recently. Then we went to. Dunkin Donuts to get wifi for a few minutes and ended up talking to a guy that is inactive. Apparently he was baptized forever ago but now doesn't believe it anymore. He talked with us for an hour at Dunkin and he didn't want to give out his contact info at the end but he said he does feel guilty about not going to church. Hopefully we see him again soon. Then we headed home. 
"(Some quote that has something to do with St. Patrick's day)" I realized I don't know any St. Patrick's day quote but happy St. Patrick's day. We had correlation in the morning and we were late as we forgot all about it. But the sisters never showed up because they thought it was an hour later than it actually was. Then had lunch and went to Zone Training Meeting and we had to drive to the Brooklyn building in our zone for it as all of Staten Island had cars, but Brooklyn doesn't so we go to them. Took a long time but it was good. I'm just glad I don't have give workshops at them. Then we got dinner at a Chinese place nearby that everyone likes to go to as it is cheap and good quality. Drove home in traffic and went to a less actives home that we could help her understand the Book of Mormon. That ended our night. 
"I hear tell that you be looking for a crew, Jackie."
"If enough people keep saying it, then it must be true." 
Today was pretty good day. After studies, a less active member took us to Flaming Grill for lunch and he is so kind. He is the same guy that tries to convince missionaries to go see movies and go to Manhattan. Funny guy! But super nice. Feeds us every week. Then we went to the church and made calls and set up a few lessons for next week and then we did a few look ups of people we met last week and this week but none were home today. Then ate dinner and went to the church to meet the Zone Leaders there and we got a ride from them to Stake Conference in Park Slope. We only went to the adult session but it took up our entire night. Best part was they had Krispy Kreme donuts there and they had a lot. Most missionary companionships took a box homeat the end of the night, including us. 
"Baby step get on the bus. Baby steps get on the bus." Today was Stake Conference and boy was it a blast! So we got up and went to the church to take a bus that our ward rented for the day that would take us to the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott in Brooklyn for Stake Conference. That was a fun ride and then the conference was good but the drive back was the best. The driver took the route of going all the way through Manhattan, through New Jersey, and back to Staten Island. That means we hit 3 different missions in 1 day. Best route ever and we got to drive right through China Town Manhattan and got to see the Skyscrapers we see from afar off, right up close. So cool. I was a little kid in a candy store on that one. Then we got back home around 2:30 and ate lunch. Went and did look ups that we did yesterday to see if we could catch anyone at home. Our problem is we don't ask for their number most of the time so we end up having to do look ups. Had dinner and continued the night with look ups but no success. Ended the night with calls to the district. 

Not much new as far as investigators for us. We did spend all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday dealing with snow so that puts a dent on the week. But we were able to find 2 new Investigators this week that sound awesome. We just hope they will continue to meet with us when we go back this week. But I got to say the highlight was the stake Conference bus ride. That was a lot of fun with a surprise of getting a tour of downtown Manhattan. Not our fault though! We had no say in the route the bus driver should take. 

Hope everyone has a great week! 


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