Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Week #66 Letter & Pictures

Hello everyone!

So this week was a slow one. Elder McCulloch got sick with a really
bad headache that caused dizziness and slurred speech. So we called
the nurse like Tuesday and she told him to stay in and then the rest
of the week was like it too. So you can read all about my adventures
in our apartment. Nothing crazy, just sleep and studying.

"Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree? I travelled the
world and the 7 seas. Everybody's looking for something." Preparation
day! We did our laundry and studies in the morning and then went to
the church to meet Jay there for haircuts. The Freeport and Mineola
missionaries were there going to go do a district Activity and got
their haircuts too so we talked with them until they were done. This
is now late afternoon so we went and ate lunch at Wendy's and went
home to clean up and get ready for tonight. Finished emailing and then
did our daily contact for people and went to visit the other Brown
family, not the usual one. We talked with Josh and he said we could
come by tomorrow as that is when his mom will be home. Then we visited
referrals in Hempstead and got an appointment Thursday with one. Tried
visiting other but one address was wrong and the other didn't answer.
For the address wrong, we talked with him and was able to give him a
Book of Mormon to read and tried to set up another time to come back
but he says he will read and then see about us coming back. Ok then,
will do. Then we headed home for the night.
"Hello Jerry."
"Hello Newman..."
Today turned out to be a different day than when it started. We first
had studies and during personal study we got a call from the
assistants to change district meeting to 11 so they could go so we cut
studies short and went to district meeting an hour early and ended
early as well. We then had lunch at Taco Bell and taught this referral
that originally wanted a bible but we introduced her to the Book of
Mormon at her doorstep and wanted to learn more so she invited us in.
Don't worry, her husband was there too and we were following the rules
but he really wasn't too interested, yet. And she really has a desire
to know Christ and come closer to him and is really worried about the
final days before Christ comes again and she kept asking about what
our prophet is prophesying about the final days, and she means these
days we are living in. We told her that all the prophesies are in the
Bible and Book of Mormon so President Monson, whom we told her all
about at this point, is counseling us to prepare ourselves for the
prophesies to be fulfilled. So that was the bulk of our lesson and it
went pretty well. Never really taught about the latter days on the
mission yet but hey, there's always a first for everything! Then we
went to go to the Browns to visit them and teach but they said now is
not a good time, so we are planning to go back tomorrow morning they
said. Then we went to the church and did our daily contact until Elder
McCulloch really wasn't feeling good so he called the mission nurse
and she counseled him to stay in for the night. So we went home and
rested all night and I made a monkey's fist out of string and a dice.
Took me 2 hours to complete.
"Take over the street, that's how we roll. And we gonna ride out
forever, we ride out together!" Today was a long day as yesterday I
ate at 1 pm and I didn't eat today until 8 pm. So literally 31 hours
of no food. It was a long day. We first started off with a personal
study and I didn't eat breakfast because I never do. Ask any of my
previous companions, I don't eat. And then we went and visited the
Browns early in the morning and helping them through a few things.
Then headed straight to ZTM in Jamaica, having no time for lunch. That
was a fun one and I learned a lot and I like how the Zone Leaders went
past what we knew and focused on the things that we overlook most of
the time or something new to help. It was really helpful to me. Then
afterwards, we drove straight to Rego to drop off our car for our new
one. We traded in the 2013 Chevy Cruz for a 2017 Chevy Malibu. And it
has that new car smell:) so many cool features I can't list them all
but it is really big on safety which is why the church is spending a
little more for these nice cars for the safety features in them. So
with the new car, we drove to the assistant's apartment in traffic,
taking us an hour and a half to get there averaging 20 mph on the
freeway. We dropped off somethings for them and then headed straight
to the bottom of our area and they are in the farthest part of the
area. So far north they are actually 3 blocks out of our area. And we
went to the south for a lesson with Dave and Charlie. Afterwards, we
went to the Carters for dinner and headed home afterwards.
"You, dumb-dumb, give me, gum-gum." So for today we accomplished, um,
not much. Since I ran Elder McCulloch to the ground yesterday, he was
out of commission all day today. Literally, I've sat in our apartment
all day and haven't left yet. He slept all the way from lunch to
dinner and then went back to sleep. During that time, I studying PMG
for an hour and then the scriptures for another hour and watched the 3
part district 2 videos, a lot of bible videos, finding faith in
Christ, some of the missionary broadcast from earlier this year and
slept my self but only for a half an hour. I hate being in the
apartment all day. I watched those videos of missionaries and I wanted
to go do it my self! So yeah, nothing exciting today. Just boring
sitting in the apartment. But the sisters did get medicine for Elder
McCulloch and they loved the new car out front... not.
"You're either in or you're out, right now." We went out today! We got
to do some studies this morning but he slept in a lot and said he felt
the same today as he did yesterday but didn't want to stay in again so
we went and did weekly planning at the Freeport chapel most of the
afternoon and went to eat dinner. After dinner, we went to go to the
Browns but they weren't home, so we called and they asked to
reschedule to tomorrow. So we went to contact a referral near by but
they weren't home either so we knocked the neighborhood and met a
former investigator who was taught 2 years ago. Then we met with Will
and Sherrell and they are always a fun time to meet with. I like those
lessons as they are really accepting and have questions but it does
get off topic a bit so that is the struggle we have with them but
other than that, they are great and working through a few things to
get them baptized! They have a desire to be, but somethings holding
them back. Afterwards, we headed home.
"You know what I see when I look around, losers... I mean, people who
have lost something." Well today we did what we could. Elder McCulloch
wasn't feeling good still but wanted to go out and so we first went to
give a blessing to sister Hare after studies and went to teach the
Browns. Then we visited a referral but they weren't home when they
said they would be so we will have to try again later. We knocked the
area and that's when Elder McCulloch looked wiped out. So we went home
and rested all afternoon again and I took a 2 hour nap till dinner and
continued studying PMG and the scriptures. That was our day.
"Because you know I'm bad! I'm bad!" We got to have a normal day:) We
had studies and lunch in the morning and then went to church. After
church, we gave elder McCulloch a priesthood blessing and headed home
for dinner. Then we did our daily contact and visited Dave and
Charlie. It was a good lesson as we got to talk about Joseph Smith and
the Book of Mormon. That ended our night so we went home.

So we weren't able to teach much this week but we were able to teach a
few lessons and talk to some people. Will and Sherrell haven't changed
much as we continue to get them to read the BoM and we haven't been
able to see Eddy. The Browns are still struggling coming to church and
we weren't much help this week with Elder McCulloch being sick so we
weren't able to coordinate a ride. So yeah, no one progressed this
week. We got to play catch up this week to try to get back on track
and progressing again. So this week wasn't as exciting but the
highlight is probably the new car:) The thing I love the most about it
is that I never have to touch the keys to get in it. I can walk up to
it with the keys in my pocket and touch the handle and push a button
on it to unlock the car and use the push to start button to start the
car and lock it the same way I unlock it, pushing the button.

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